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A new study says more than 60 percent of gay and bisexual men diagnosed with HIV reported meeting sexual partners online.

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In Asia, the growing use of mobile dating apps by young gay men is a major factor in a new HIV epidemic among teenagers there.

<em>Dating</em> apps, STDs and the risks of 21st century sex

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And in Allegheny County, Pa., officials believe dating apps are contributing to a sharp increase in cases of STDs such as gonorrhea, camydia and syphilis which is up 150 percent since 2009.

Dating apps, STDs and the risks of 21st century sex

Health officials fear these numbers are a result of the increased use of dating apps and greater access to casual sex, although there are skeptics. S., cases of syphilis are up as much as 15 percent since 2013, the CDC reports, with more and more cases like them reported by patients on or actively engaged in the use of dating apps.

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